Workshop Projects

Details about the projects in the workshop.

Procedure Pal

Procedure Pal is a procedural memory training application. It consists of 4 screens: 1) to add new activities, 2) a menu to choose an activity to learn, 3) the activity viewer, and 4) a quiz to test the user’s knowledge of the procedure. The application was programmed using the Android OS and presented to the students using a Google Nexus One cell phone.

Rehab Dashboard

Rehab Dashboard is an application created by Andrew Paquette and Doug League as part of Dr. Kuber’s Assistive Technology course at UMBC. The app was created in App Inventor, and makes use of the onboard gyroscopic measures in smartphones. These measures supply feedback in realtime on the angle of the phone in space. For this app, those measures are used to guide people performing a number of rehabilitative exercises, such as wrist and bicep curls.


Med Quiz is a mobile application created by Malvin Hiew and Chris Retz, for practicing medical vocabulary. A user is quizzed and scored on their recall of abbreviations and terms.

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